Ride For Shawn 
Shawn Patrick Krymis July 2, 1971 - July 25, 2016

From: Benjamin Krymis

The Ride for Shawn was born out of need of action for a lost older brother. It is to easy to just go back to our lifestyles after the loss of a family member.  I can't accept that. 

He was so special and he taught me so many lessons. 

So many lessons that that he never knew he even gave me.  Some were by his actions both good and bad and many were by his character. 

He was someone who would give anything for other people without wanting anything in return. 

He wasn't completely understood except for a few people.   We would be great friends and totally annoyed with each other at the same time.   

He was my brother and a great human being.  I will miss him. 
This ride isn't meant to do anything specific. It is simply an act of devotion to my brother Shawn.  I loved him and I feel the need to do more.  That is why I decided to ride a bike across Australia for him. 

I have no expectations of this.  Perhaps it can continue on.  Perhaps we can raise money for a cause or charity.

In true Krymis style I have no place set to donate the money.  I know if I asked Shawn he would be specific on who and where it should not go while also being vague.  I have faith that the Krymis family will know what to do when that comes up. If you don't like that don't donate for his fund :) 

Maybe a scholarship or simply a fund to help people in need that we come across. 

From: Jay Krymis

My brother Shawn lost his battle with drugs and alcohol.

As the two of us got older - and the years and the miles piled up, the distance between us grew. While both of us were trying to find our place in the world, busy fighting our own battles and our own personal demons - we fell out of touch. Falling out of touch with him was easy - too easy. I suppose it was the path of least resistance. I let him slip away.

Addiction is a disease of isolation! Addiction leads to isolation and isolation feeds the addiction.

I know that some of you probably know a loved one who is struggling with drugs or alcohol.
Reach out to them.

Do it.

Don't let them isolate. Let them know that they are loved. And when you are met with hate and dismay and apathy. Tell them that you love them again. It is easier sometimes to turn away. Don't.

I love my brother. I miss him. I wish that I had told him that more often.

He was my co-explorer of thick Michigan forests and fellow conqueror of the beechwood island behind our farm. Ruler of the gravel pit, escaped pig wrangler and water snake hunter. He was my bunkmate, my roommate, my little brother and my best friend.

As a big brother I feel like a failed. I was too busy. Too fucking busy.

My brother Ben found a note in Shawn's apartment in New Jersey after he died that read "No more 'next weeks," I need to do better. Pray for help. Pray for my family."

That crushes me.

Something good needs to come out of this -

If you know someone dealing with addiction REACH OUT TO THEM.

What is the Ride For Shawn          Australia 2016?
This is a trip from Perth to Sydney Australia.  It will cover 2,500 miles over the course of 26 days.  

Ben Krymis will be leaving NJ and heading to Perth Australia on October 27th.  The trip will begin on October 30th with dipping his front wheel in the Indian Ocean and heading East. 

Australia is pretty rugged and Ben will be carrying all of his own supplies and camping along the way. 


Shawn's Story 
Below are some pictures and words about our brother Shawn Krymis.  More to come keep checking in the site will be updated every few days. 

The Krymis Family 

Shawn came from a large family.  He has 4 brothers and 2 sisters.  Shawn was number 5 of 7.  He had two older siblings Kerry and Jay.  His 4 younger siblings were Christopher, Michael, Benjamin and Holly.

Shawn as a kid 

Shawn was born on a farm in Michigan.  He would play around his grandparents farm as a child.  Really one of the best childhoods you could ask for.  Lots of air and land to play in. 
  • 2,500 Miles
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  • 26 Days 
  • A ride for our brother Shawn 
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